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Big Idea

Our Vision

Create a shared ZULA state of mind among world wanderers by designing a memorable adventure, offering localized experience, and giving a taste of unique cultural adventure of every destination.

Our Story

Being globetrotters themselves, Itay and Yariv leisurely spend their time backpacking and visiting interesting places all over the world.

Daytime is spent in neighboring areas where they get to try food they have never tried before and where they wander street after street to check out boutique shops and galleries. Often times, they get to met a friendly local who becomes an instant friend. Nighttime is best enjoyed when they go easy drinking at a local pub, while listening to some newfound music (some of the words, they might not even understand).

While some choose to end their connection with the local scene when they go inside their room, Itay and Yariv both think that one of the best moments they take home with them is the space they share with strangers before they retire for the night – the place that does not only give them a cozy sleep but where they also get to meet fellow travelers that make each of their trips uniquely memorable.

As they go one place after another, they were able to cultivate that dream that constantly remained in their soul – to build a hostel that makes wanderers share not only space but experiences, stories, and memories as well.

Our Mission

Motivate travelers to choose hostel life mainly because of these 3F’s:

Fun Travels

A curated experience of a destination

Fair In All Ways

Reasonably priced but very comfortable accommodation.

Friendships Formed

Exposure to travelers from all walks of life